Next Generation Tennis

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Next Generation Junior Coaching Rates / Fees

Next Generation Coaching Rates/ Fees: Coaching rates and fees are based on offering international level coaching and a more individualized and personalized program through a lower student teacher ratio. Unlike modern day academies which focuses more on huge numbers resulting in limited attention for each player.

This mixture of high end coaching and greater level of attention to detail for each player gives a greater chance of success in this high demanding game.

 It is a necessity to understand that each player is different and getting the required time to specifically target players needs is crucial for the effective and consistent growth of the player.

* Next Generation Tennis does not offer one off lessons. What this basically means is that proper Longterm development of a player requires a commitment from the coach, player and parent. There are no quick fixes, instant remedies or magic potions. * A structured player development pathway based on the players specific needs, will be clearly outlined and consistently worked on to ensure the best possible results.

 Period: January 2018-December 2019

 Junior Development Program - Private Lessons

 Private Lessons (one-to-one)

 12 years & under $150.00 USD per hour Private Lessons (one-to-one)

 13 years - 17 years $200.00 USD per hour Private Lessons (one-to-one)

 17 years & above $250.00 USD per hour Specially designed Mental Training and Tennis Specific Movement sessions:

 * Special Mental Toughness Conditioning and Enhancement sessions and Tennis Specific Movement Classes will be offered in 10 hour package sessions * $1500.00 USD per 10 session package ( 1 hour per session)

Junior Development Program - Group Lessons

 Semi-Private Lessons (two-to-one) & Group Lessons (four-to-one) will be calculated based on the specific age group category.

 Full Time Program ( by invitation only and only after a thorough assessment and evaluation)

 -$10,000 USD Month 

Full time program includes: full room and board, 25 hours of tennis instruction, all local tournament travel and fees. -schooling is a separate cost/fee which is not included in the monthly tennis and boarding fee -contact Stephen Peterson directly for full time program details.

 Stroke Production Video Analysis:

 Players, coaches and parents submit a video clip of a players stroke or strokes that needs improving. Once analyzed and assess a complete and detailed written report together with video notes and side-by-side comparison will be returned. Specific recommendations will also be given so that the specific corrective work can commence to help remedy the faulty stroke.

 -$250.00 USD

 per stroke Match Play Video Analysis:

 This program entails running a video of a player's match through our state-of-the art video analysis system and provides a detailed video breakdown on a player's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the effectiveness of the patterns of play during the matches. Recommendations through a detailed written report and voice notes will also outline how the player used their game style to effectively breakdown the style of play during that specific match.

 - $300.00 USD

 per match Match analysis at tournament site:

 The coach will accompany the player to a match and chart the match in its entirety. A detailed written report together with voice notes outlining specifics to the match will cover some areas such as: point construction, shot selection based on the score, the ability to assess the opponents game style, ability counter the opponents game style, the ability to read and react to various patterns of play and most importantly understanding when the 3 situations are needed-neutral, defense & offense.

 -$400.00 per match (local)

 - depending on the distance to the match additional fees will be added to the base fee