Next Generation Tennis

"Coaching & Management Beyond The Obvious"

Coaches Workshops / Seminars / Speaking Engagements

The curriculum for on court workshops and seminars can also be tailor made and target specific depending on the facilities goals and objectives.

In general at the basic level of developing competent coaching skills various topics will be covered. However, for whatever the program outline is required the following basic topics are always implemented to make the course as well rounded as possible.

A few of the topics that are covered and implemented:

  • Demonstration
  • Communication
  • Error detection and correction
  • Effective Feeding skills for all levels-hand fed, dead and live ball feeding
  • Drill control, Rhythm and progression
  • Rallying skills for the benefit of the student
  • Stroke progressions for better production and the accompanying movement patterns
  • Understanding the abilities and Skill level of players
  • Developing and implementing lesson plans
  • Understanding when to increase or decrease the difficulty of a drill

-This program is sold as a package with a minimum of 10 hours and a limited amount of participants to ensure the highest quality of instruction. This will help ensure that there is sufficient personalized attention given to each participant.

-Each participant will received a written assessment card outlining areas that need improvement etc

-$350 USD per hour 

-$3500 USD per 10 hour course

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