Next Generation Tennis

"Coaching & Management Beyond The Obvious"

Coaches Workshops / Seminars / Speaking Engagements

Stephen is an expert on-court clinician and speaker on Advanced Junior Development and implementation catering for juniors of all levels.

He has conducted extensive coaches workshops and seminars worldwide covering some of the following topics:

  • Periodizing players prior to competition and understanding the importance of the practice court

  • Developing the future female tennis player

  • Transitioning and Progressing under 10 Juniors through the various stages of the Transitional Balls

  • Developing the long-term player development pathway

Stephen currently undertakes speaking engagements and on-court seminars/workshops catering for players, coaches and parents with the focus of getting all 3 to synchronize for the betterment of the player.

He has been extremely successful in conducting these clinics and workshops through Intensive Weekend Training Camps, Mini-Week, Week Long and Holiday / Vacation Period Camps.

Successful 4 Step Process:

1. Stephen evaluates, assesses and comes up with a pin-point on-court workshop that will accurately address your programs, players and coaches specific needs.

2. He will work with the coaches during the on-court sessions and assist with implementing the next layers of your program. With the identification of these specific areas he will accurately address each players needs both in a group format but at the same time, zoning in on each players individual specific needs.

3. Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the progressions and stages needed so that the player can better progress through the higher levels of development.

4. The other emphasis is for the coach to grasp the finer understanding between coaching a player and developing a player.