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Consultation services for tennis facility programming and fee structure:

This program is built around a 3 pillar system approach.

  1. Analyzing and assessing the present state of current programming.
  2. Developing specific programming with upgrades and enhancements of present programming ( this is based on using the facilities current programming as the main outline but making adjustments and additions) The main focus is taking the present programming and adding slight adjustments and enhancements to upgrade and is not development of new programming.
  3. Implementing the programs throughout the course of a week or weekly basis with the goal of enhancing functionality, productivity and transparency.

Program Branding and Blue Print development:

For facilities wanting more of a program facelift by upgrading, transitioning and adding the next layers of programming, then it is recommended that a Blue Print be developed and implemented. This would enable the facility to develop their own Brand.

Consultation rates:

The base rate for consultation services, on and off court coaches workshops / seminars is billed at $350 USD per hour.

3 pillar step system approach

Step 1- 5 hours of analyzing and assessing current program

Step 2-5 hours of updating current programming 

Step 3-20 hours of implementing which will include time with coaches to ensure that drill courts are synchronizing, transitional and progressional 

-Total program cost: $10,000 USD ( 30 hours)

Program Branding and Blue Print Development:

This program is catered for facilities that would like to revamp, reconstruct and develop extensive junior programming from the grassroots levels all the way through to high performance tennis.

-Packages for the development of a Brand and Blue Print starts at $25,000 USD 

-Should implementation services be required then this will be billed on an hourly basis with a minimum of 10 hours.

Overseas consultation services:

Should services be required overseas then the facility in addition to payment of the required fees will need to provide the following at their cost:

  • Round trip air ticket
  • Visa if required
  • Hotel accommodation 
  • Transportation to and from the hotel to the facility or facilities

Should additional information be required please contact Stephen Peterson directly on the following:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +886 983-078-601

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