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Getting to Know Stephen Peterson


Stephen Peterson is a South American and is one of the most sought out Junior Development Coaches Worldwide. He has been coaching tennis Internationally for the past 20 years catering for players of all ages and abilities and is well established as an Elite High Performance Specialist. 

As a junior Stephen trained full-time at the world-renowned Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy Bradenton, Florida where he competed in various events in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.


Following Stephen's playing career he found quick success in the coaching arena extensively working, developing and coaching juniors of all ages and abilities.

Stephen moved back to the United States 6 years ago after having spent 7 years in the United Kingdom and Europe where he conducted an extremely successful National Elite Junior Program and worked extensively with many highly ranked National and European juniors.

During this period Stephen has worked with both Junior and Senior players who have gone onto playing Junior Davis Cup, Junior Federation Cup, World under 14's, Davis Cup, Federation Cup and the Olympic Games.

His extensive role also included conducting coach's education with

on-court clinics covering coaching and developing players of all ability levels, which were based on a progressive junior pyramid structure that he developed.


The 3 Pillar System / P.Z.T. Progressional Zonal Training is a progressive and systematic way of developing players through the main 3 cycles of development while understanding each players game style and at the same time taking into account the Periodization Process prior to competition.

This proven system successfully progresses not only junior players but also adult players of all abilities very successfully and consistently. 

The system clearly outlines and defines an approach that will keep each player no matter what age or ability with the enthusiasm and motivation to further advance their game through the higher levels of development. 

Stephen is currently one of few coaches in the United States with an exceptional, extensive proven track record in the coaching and development for 10 & under programming.

To further prove his track record he started coaching and developing his daughter Tameka from the tender age of 2 years where she attained an International level of play by the time she was 9 years of age after having gone through all the 4 transitional balls which is the corner stone of the 10 & Under System.

In June 2011 Tameka was handpicked by Bollettieri / IMG Academies, Bradenton, Florida as one of the top 32 11 year olds in the world. Tameka has since then been offered numerous full-time tennis scholarships on a scholarship level at various top tennis academies in the world. Tameka was again selected in 2013 to attend the world under 13's at Bollettieri / IMG Academies. 

Stephen during the period 2005 - 2011 was the Tennis Manager for K.I.D. Tennis LLC a company covering the Mid-West Region specializing in extensive junior development programs catering for juniors 3 years and up, training and coaching of high school teams and advanced tournament players.

As the Tennis Manager Stephen developed and executed an extremely successful Adult development department that saw major results at the Higher Men's and Women's League Team Levels.


In his role as Tennis Manager Stephen was responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum for all ages and abilities, overseeing the daily operations for 5 different sites during both after school programs, holiday, summer period camps as well as the hiring and training of all coaching and non coaching staff.

Stephen mainly specializes in Long-Term Player Development Planning, Junior Development Programming and Implementation, Facility / Club Management and Consultancy Services, On-Court Coaches workshops and Seminars, Curriculum Development for all ability levels, Individual Player Coaching Consultancy Services and 10 & Under Tennis Curriculum execution.

Stephen's Coaching Philosophy: "work them hard, correct them and make sure they have fun by coaching going beyond the obvious while perfecting the basics will give your clients an experience of a life time".

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