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  1. Program payment:

Payment for the program should be made in advance and prior to the start of the first session. Coaching bills are calculated based on the total amount of sessions the player will receive within the billing period which consist of 4-weeks for a month-to-month program. 

A 1 month notice needs to be given should a player wish to discontinue from the 

month-to-month program. 

On the last session of every 4-week period the following periods payment is due.

    For players that are on 6-month and 12-month program the billing procedure is outlined below:

    Billing procedure for the 6-month programs will be payable in advance in 3, 2 month blocks (every 2 months payment needs to be made)

    Billing procedure for the 12-month programs will be payable in advance in 4, 3 month blocks (every 3 months payment needs to be made)

    Coaching fees and special rate programs are not refundable. In some instances where a consideration is given allowing parents to pay on a monthly basis then first and last month will be required at the commencement of the program.

    Should parents quit before the end of the program ends then the deposit will be forfeited.

    Players who have not paid prior to the start of the first class will not be allowed to participate further until payment is made.

    If payment is not made prior to the second class then the next person on the waiting list will take their place.

    • Payment for all coaching services should be made directly to Next Generation Tennis Coaching and Management or Stephen Peterson

    • Out of state checks will not be accepted for program payment.

    Tennis instruction during tournament months:

    During the tournament months Easter and Summer periods weekend coaching will not be available as this is the time when players will be accompanied by the coach to tournaments. If there is a situation where there is availability on either Saturday or Sunday or both days then parents will be notified in advance of possible coaching opportunities for that weekend.

    During these 2 tournament periods all coaching will need to be completed during the weekdays (Monday – Friday)

    Any special request for a particular time and day during the week needs to be submitted in a timely fashion so that the request could be given favorable response. 

    1. 24 hr. late cancellation:

    A notice of 24 hrs In advance must be given if the session cannot be attended. Should this notice not be given then the session would be charged as normal.

    In cases where it was a medical emergency then a doctor’s certificate should be presented to avoid being billed for the session.

    1. Make-up sessions:

    Should the coach due to unforeseen circumstances have to miss a session or sessions, then a make-up session will be arranged and scheduled.

    Make-up sessions will always be arranged and rescheduled due to inclement weather.

    However, the coach will always call ahead to cancel the lesson in case of rain. The coach will make the final decision on whether to cancel the lesson or not. Unsure parents need to make contact with the coach before deciding not to show up for the lesson.

    Should the parent take it upon themselves not to show up for the lesson without confirmation from the coach then the lesson will be billed as normal.

    Missed sessions during the billing period should be made-up within that present coaching period. If the session cannot be made-up then that session will be subtracted from the next billing period payment.

    The missed session or sessions cannot be carried over as future credit or be used as payment for attending another program offered by Next Generation Tennis.

    1. Group instruction participation:

    Generally all elite and transitional coaching sessions will consist of a maximum of 4 players per coach for transitional and 6 players for the pre-transitional and the duration of the sessions would be for 2 hrs and 1 ½ hrs respectively.

    • In the event of only 1 player showing up for a 2 hr session then the session will be conducted for 1hr
    • In the event of 2 players showing up then the session will run for 1 hr 30min
    • In the event of 3 players showing up for a 2 hr session then the session will be conducted for the full 2 hours.
    • The final selection of players for all groups will be done by the coaching director.

    • Once per week private, semi-private & group lessons are not presently offered. There is a twice per week minimum requirement for lesson participation.

      1. Changing of program / schedule:

      Once the program paid for has begun, no changes can be made with regards to the following:-

      • changing of days
      • changing of times
      • decreasing of hours
      • adding of additional hours (unless approved by the Coaching Director)

      1. On court sessions:

      1. During all lessons parents are allowed to pick up balls within reason just as long as it does not interfere, disrupt or distract the lesson. This is in the best interest of both the player and coach as it is the coach’s intention to get through to the player as best as possible. Also during the lessons parents are kindly asked not to coach their child and or children during the lesson.

        1. Parents are kindly asked to refrain from entering the tennis court during training and coaching sessions or distracting the coach while sessions are in progress.

        1. Parents should wait until the completion of the tennis session before entering the court.
        2. Players awaiting their session should wait until the session has ended or until the coach has given the instruction to enter the court.

        1. Public holidays:

        The junior coaching program will not be conducted on public holidays (however, coaching and training will be available for those who are available)

        1. Dress attire:

        All players are required to dress appropriately at all times at the coaching sessions. 

        Shoes with non-marking soles, and shorts should have pockets and skirts should have a pocket or ball carrier.

        1. Internal matches

        All players on the program will be expected to participate in an internal Matchplay structure to encourage development in real situations without the pressure of results counting against ranking or ratings.

        1. Discontinuing from the program:

        Should a player wish to discontinue or quit from the program at any time during the period paid for, no refund will be given.

        • In this case the player must complete the remaining hours left, however, if the player wishes not to complete or finish the remaining hours then the outstanding fees will be forfeited.

        • The player will not be allowed to send a replacement.

        • The outstanding amount will not be allowed to be used as a credit for attendance at another tennis program.

        1. The use of video cameras, cameras or any type of visual recording or audio devices by parents or family members of juniors enrolled in the programme or otherwise is not allowed.

        1. Players who display unruly behaviour and bad attitudes will be sent home and parents notified and should there is a second occurrence then the player will be asked to leave the program permanently…..without refund.

        The following will not be tolerated:

        • Spitting on the tennis courts
        • Obscene language
        • Racket throwing and hitting balls away aggressively with racket or feet
        1. Private lessons, on court evaluations and assessments are available  with the Coaching Director at an additional cost.

        1. Selection criteria that players will undergo before being selected into the top groups:

        1. Fitness level
        2. Internal match results
        3. Final ranking at the commencement of the summer tournament schedule.
        1. Current district, sectional and national age group rankings.
        2. Complete assessment and evaluation by the coaching director
        3. Parents committment

        Specific areas that would be constantly monitored and will act as a measuring tool for players being able to keep a place in their group:

        1. Attendance at practice
        2. Reaching and maintaining a high fitness level
        3. Work ethic and concentration span
        4. Attitude and discipline
        5. Internal match results
        6. Complete assessment at the end of every 3 month period
        7. Parents commitment

        15. The above guidelines may be amended and updated as and when necessary.

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