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Welcome to Next Generation Tennis Coaching & Management Junior Elite and Transitional Tennis Coaching Programs

The program will be offered to any talented and aspiring players who would like to develop their skills to full potential. This progressive systematic approach is designed to take players from early in their development through to national level and beyond.

The structure of the program follows the curriculum and development modules presently used at the most successful tennis academies worldwide. Emphasis is placed on smaller student/teacher ratios allowing greater attention to be given to each player. Players are grouped solely on ability and not by age, gender or the need to make up numbers.

Prior to acceptance into the program each player will go through a full on-court assessment and evaluation. Additional areas such as tennis specific movements both offensive and defensive, concentration span, flexibility, agility, intensity and fitness level are also key parts of the assessment.

If accepted, a specific coaching and development program will be recommended and implemented to allow the player to move towards achieving their goals and aspirations. Using this proven system, players will have a much better understanding of what they can and cannot do with a tennis ball and will be more aware of areas that need specific attention.

The Elite Program involves Transitional Training and Coaching, preparing players for making a smooth transition from the practice court to tournament play and will mostly be conducted in group format. Players will be encouraged to understand their game style from a young age, and shown how to develop solid stroke production and necessary footwork patterns based on the 5 zones of the court.

Reward and Award Scheme:

All juniors enrolled into the program will be given monthly progress reports.

On a quarterly basis all juniors will undergo On-Court testing which covers the syllabus and curriculum that had been covered. Following this, certificates for Most Improved, Most Promising and Attendance will be given out.

The following Elite development programs are being offered:

Mini Tennis Plus:

Enhanced Grassroots development catering for players starting from 3 years


This program caters for younger players who have shown considerable improvements with the Mini Tennis Plus program and is now starting to learn how to command the full tennis court.


Program catering for players ages 10-18 who are frequently participating in tournaments and for those who would like to be.

Transitional Accelerated:

Semi full-time catering for players who are seriously committed and keen to make the transition from high junior level play to the senior game.

Alternative Player Participation:

Players can also choose to attend the coaching program as follows:

  • Private lessons
  • Semi private lessons (2 players)

The long-term goal of this program is to effectively prepare players to successfully compete at Sectional, Regional and National level tournaments. The focus is on finding the right balance between tennis development and tournament participation.

  • All sessions will be conducted and overseen by international tennis coach Stephen Peterson

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