Next Generation Tennis

"Coaching & Management Beyond The Obvious"


The main purpose:

The pace, mental and physical strength of competitive tennis has changed rapidly over the last few years and with this in mind the P.Z.T. – progressional zonal training system has been set-up to successfully address these new changes and pressures to better prepare talented and committed juniors compete successfully at district, regional and national events.

Selection into this elite training program is based on juniors who demonstrate talent, enthusiasm and commitment to tennis.

The Elite coaching structure will adopt the latest teaching and development systems & equipment presently used by the top international academies.

The approach of this highly specialised and rigorous training program will strengthen competitive tennis skills, character and sportsmanship.


To become a private centralized coaching and development center where the top and most promising juniors can attend and undergo world class coaching and development.

Training base foundation:

The coaching base foundation for developing juniors is built upon training and playing in the 5 zones of the tennis court. In addition further emphasis is placed on proper stroking technique / production and tennis specific movements utilizing dead and live ball situations.

Great emphasis is placed on – what to do with the ball in accordance to where you are on the court and identifying the type of ball you are receiving.

Specialized development system:

  • Advanced movement and footwork patterns
  • Resistance training
  • Reaction training
  • Mental strength development and enhancement
  • Tennis specific muscle development and fitness
  • Game strategy implementation
  • Video tape analysis
  • 5 Zones system training


  • To create a high intensive competitive environment on the practice court that allows players to constantly push each other but at the same time ensures that team work and sportsmanship are fully recognized as character development elements.

  • To continually seek and enrol highly talented and committed players to further develop their full potential through the transitional programs with the intent of having players successfully compete at higher-grade tournaments.


  • To develop, refine and master competitive tournament play in quarterly teaching segments over a period of 12 months. Each 3-month period will emphasise the finer points of competitive tennis.

This will give the serious tennis player enough confidence and desire to continue to the next stage; more advanced levels of tournament play and competitive singles winning strategy.

  • To employ the latest and proven tennis systems that is based specifically on an International coaching and development system format.

A great deal of emphasis on personalised training and competitive tennis development can exist based on lower student / teacher ratios.


To establish four (4) highly intensive groups of play and instruction: Mini-Tennis Plus, Pre – Transitional, Transitional and Transitional Plus.

  • Mini-Tennis Plus

Juniors starting from 3 years will be placed in larger groups where hand and eye coordination drills, motor skills building, building concentration span will be worked on extensively.

  • Pre – Transitional

Players who have successfully moved up from the mini tennis plus program and have shown a keen desire and willingness to continue onto more structured programs where effective stroke production, rallying skills and movement are the main areas of focus.

  • Transitional

This development structure caters to players that frequently compete in tournaments and requires 6 hours of instruction per week program, as most players will attend after school hours and on the weekends.

  • Transitional Accelerated  (semi-fulltime -to- fulltime)

This structure will cater for players wanting to train on a semi-full time basis and will be conducted during mornings and early afternoons during weekdays.

The program basically caters for players wanting to focus on making the necessary progressions from high junior tennis going into the senior game or high-level Division 1 college tennis.


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