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Match Correction Tips for Doubles

  • If your opponents take control of the net and are picking on your partner (at the net), you have a few options you can use. First focus on hitting lobs or driving the ball down the middle. If that’s not working then you both need to make the adjustment and play both back. By doing this, you force your opponents to have to think more and attempt to try to go short with their volleys. They may not be able to hit a short volley (using finesse) causing them to miss their shots. Lastly, you could try to beat your opponent to the net by serving and volleying or by returning and coming in.

  • If your opponents have a really good cross court or angle return and you’re having trouble with it, then do the I formation and take the cross court return away from them.

  • If you have opponents that hit the ball really hard and are beating you, think about what kind of pace you’re giving them. If you’re hitting it hard back, then you may want to change up the pace of the ball by hitting slice, lobbing, or hitting shorter, lower balls back to them. They probably won’t like it. It may throw them off.

  • If your opponents hit the ball with no pace, then you need to generate your own by hitting more balls on the rise, not letting the ball drop and going to the ball. You want to give them less time to react.

  • If your opponents are really aggressive at the net, they may be too close to the net. If they are, think to lob over them. Also, if they’re poaching a lot, throw in a few drives down the line to keep them honest.

  • If your opponents are weak and tentative at the net (you know early on if they don’t move around a lot), then pick on them, especially on big points. One option would be is hitting a drive down the middle on their side (not their baseline partners side). This will usually result in a weak response. You could also go down the line, but more towards the player than the doubles sideline. They probably won’t be able to handle the pressure. Make sure it’s a lower drive and not a ball sitting up too much.

  • If your opponents are slow players (or just one of them), then try to lob over the net persons head to make them run. Another option would be to hit a short, low ball by slicing or by just hitting an angle.

  • If your opponents hit big serves then shorten up your backswing and look to chip, lob or simply block the ball back. When doing this, do your best to keep the ball away from the net player.

  • If your opponents have weak serves or 2nd serves then start closer up (so you’re not letting the ball drop) and treat the return like an approach shot and come in off of it. You will put a lot of pressure on your opponents by doing this and give them less time to react.

  • If you just lost the 1st set badly, try switching sides for returning.

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