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Men’s Advanced Fast Paced Drill and Play session

This clinic is geared towards the more competitive players whose main desire is to focus less on stroke production and more on skills and progressions that it takes to win singles and doubles matches.

The drills for this clinic will simulate actual singles and doubles game situations enabling each player to improve court positioning and awareness.

A deeper understanding of shot selection based on the score and effective strategy for competing against various playing styles will be gained.

A few of the main singles topics that will be covered:

  1. Defending and attacking from the baseline
  2. Point construction from off of the serve and return of serve
  3. Building strong rallying skills against various types of opponents
  4. Transitioning to the net from off of serve and volley, short balls in mid-court
  5. Changing direction and redirecting the ball from the baseline during rallying situations
  6. Understanding opponents point play and patterns so as to better close out matches when needed

Ability level: 3.5 and above (Players grouped according to skill level)

Student teacher ratio: 4:1

Clinic duration: 1 ½ hrs

  • 60 minutes: Drilling of all strokes based on each player’s game style followed by match play simulations drills

  • 30 minutes: Playing points off of the serve & return of serve and point construction (analyzing both first and second serves together with first and second serve returns)

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