Next Generation Tennis

"Coaching & Management Beyond The Obvious"


This is specifically designed for players who have showed considerable progress in all areas of the mini tennis program. However, these players still need to better understand intermediate rallying skills and effective court coverage before they can move into the transitional coaching sessions.

Court coverage: Commanding the full tennis court

Players will consistently be coached using the full length of the tennis court and at the same time utilizing the proper tennis ball.

Racket preparation and footwork: Building a strong contact point

Players will understand how the racket and feet work together so more effective and earlier preparation is gained which allows for a more consistent hit. This process will also develop stronger hand and eye coordination skills, rhythm and timing.

Effective stroke production: Constant racket preparation

Emphasis will be placed on strengthening players stroking techniques so that higher levels of consistency are achieved for both forehand and backhand groundstrokes.

This will also include executing balls in not only stationary positions but as well as hitting balls on the run both vertically and horizontally with the proper recovery in preparation for the next shot.

Footwork patterns: Adding Direction

Players will also be exposed to the basic footwork patterns for covering the baseline as well as the mid-court areaThis will better help players to understand the progressions of effective stroke production for firstly getting the ball over consistently then progressing to direction and placement.

Concentration span:  Maintaining focus

Drills will be consistently and progressively implemented as well as varied so that players develop and continually build mental conditioning skills that will allow them to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Rallying skills:  Putting it together

Players will understand the grip changes and adjustments of the racket for the various ball bounces so that effective shot execution is maintained.

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