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Master's Level 2 : (Home School and Full-Time Program)

Players under this intense but structured program players will have the opportunity to fully develop their tennis talents to international standards.

An international development model will form the base and foundation upon which all players will build. This is bearing in mind that all players will have their own styles of play.

Coaching will be conducted so as to specially focus on developing and enhancing each player’s own games style and specific needs – with the emphasis of strengthening weaknesses and perfecting the strengths.

This fulltime accelerated development program is geared towards players who are committed to an intensive training schedule in an effort to maximize their full potential. Through a daily regimen of technical, tactical, mental, and physical training the program systematically addresses every aspect of a player’s game.

A periodization approach to the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of training enables this developmental model to accelerate the learning skills of the player. Combined with physical conditioning, mental toughness and nutritional advice this would enable the player to reach their goals both short and long term.

A periodization approach to the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of training enables the player to rise to the challenge of competition. Periodization works in cycles and provides the ability to plan technical, pre-competition and competition training phases around each player’s short and long-term tournament schedules.

Stage 1.

Perfecting the basics: Error Reduction (through dead & live ball drilling situations)

Error detection and correction for strokes and movement will form the basis for the first step of improving and enhancing each player stroking skills. This step will cover the baseline, midcourt and net position (first and second volley positions) mixing in with all the various footwork patterns, which will ensure the correct muscle memory development.

Most importantly during this stage players will continually experience the different variations of ball feeds so that one-dimensional hitting is not developed or reinforced.

Technique and repetition for all tennis strokes and movements is the main focus of this stage allowing proper muscle memory to be developed and enhanced.

Drills are very high paced and highly intensive which play an important part of developing and enhancing players’ mental state and cardiovascular fitness.

Stage 2.

Rallying skills: (turning it into effective and constructive hitting)

During this stage players will continually focus on understanding their court and how the dimensions change as they move in various directions and positions on the court.

Understanding the comfort zone and the challenge zone of the court will be continually drilled during rallying situations so that offensive hitting can be achieved.

85% of coaching and development during this stage will focus on simulating actual match play situations utilising live ball rallying formats along with commanding the court with your game style.

Players will be encouraged continually on understanding their game styles and focus on it during match play situations so as to develop and build muscle memory that stands up under pressure.

The main objective is to maintain a solid practice court regime so that transition to more high-pressure situations will be easier to manage, developing and mastering mental match play rituals with the aim of building a stronger state of mind during high-pressure levels.

Stage 3.

Periodisation prior to competition: (reaching your peak at the right time)

During this competition base stage players performances are continually evaluated so that confidence is gained on proper shot selection based on the score is improved.

Playing high percentage utilizing the dimensions of the court so that analysing when to attack an opponent’s stroke or movement becomes automatic.

Points, sets and matches will be the focus with the aim of focusing on strategy, tactics and incorporating them in an effective manner and, at the same time, the construction of points from the serve and return of serve.

During this stage players are continually encouraged to focus on improving and developing their game together with setting and achieving their short term goals.

Tennis specific movements and explosive steps: (developing fast twitch muscles)

An extensive overall body conditioning / fitness and tennis specific movement programme along with plyometric training & dynamic stretching techniques will be incorporated and conducted after all daily tennis sessions.

The program adopts the latest in training equipment and concepts presently used at the top academies worldwide.

All these necessary and muscle memory building workouts will be conducted on the practice court. (No fitness sessions will be conducted in the gym)

Videotape analysis: (constructive imagery)

On a weekly basis, players will be video taped and analysed so that a constant picture can be developed and self-correction during pressure situations can be more easily achieved.

Internal matches: (constant supervision & transparency)

At the end of every week (afternoon session) all players will compete against other players with the aim and focus of implementing the week’s work into match play situations.

These matches will also act as a measuring tool for accepting players from the

Semi-fulltime programs wanting acceptance into the fulltime program.

Weekly schedule:

Monday – Saturday

9:00 – 10:00am Individual technique based on player’s game style (dead ball drilling)

10:00 – 11:30am live ball drilling with emphasis of incorporating speed & agility

All drills focuses on hitting in the 5 zones of the court

11:30 – 2:00pm Lunch and rest period

2:00 – 3:30pm Technique & Repetition / Drilling with an emphasis on rallying skills

3:30 – 4:30pm overall body conditioning & tennis specific movement training

Special note:

On Friday afternoons practice matches will replace the 2:00- 3:30pm practice session and following that the fitness session will continue as usual at the same time: 3:30 – 4:30pm

  • Note: Sunday is day off

  • Private lessons are also available with the coaching director at an additional cost

  • Parents will be updated on a quarterly basis by way of a written progress report

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